Terms and Conditions

Given below are the detailed Terms and Conditions for our tutors. We’d love that you please read all these so that we can have strong business relationships.

Tutor needs to adhere by the following terms and conditions:

1- Tutor will have to schedule the number of classes by mutual consultation with student/parent after successful demonstration class.

2- The tutor has the liberty to use zoom, Google meet or Skype to take online classes but tutor will have to record each session for future reference.

3- For tutors who have been provided with the email ID by Online Tuitions, can not use it for any other reasons, professional or personal, other than for the sole purpose of interacting with the students or management of Online Tuitions. Neither can they change the credentials of provided email ID.

3- The tutor has to always mark the check in and check out time of every tutoring session. In case they forget to mark an attendance, the issue has to be informed to Online Tuitions via studentaffairs@online-tuitions.com. The breach of this term can result complications in salary payment.

4- The tutor agrees that the fee offered through official email for each prospective student is shown only after a deduction of Online Tuitions service charges, amounting between 10 to 15 percent.

5- The tutor has to reschedule a class missed by the student in case the tutor was informed at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time, else the tutor is not bound to reschedule, and payment for that class will be given to them.

6- The tutor can neither negotiate nor discuss any financial issues with any student(s) nor offer a change of platform. Any fee negotiations should only be discussed with Online Tuitions via email to studentaffairs@online-tuitions.com .

The breach of this term or any similar attempt will result in, but not limited to, closure and suspension of tutor’s financial and tutor account and/or legal charges.

7- The tutor has to inform at least 12 hours before scheduled class time, in case of cancellation/absence. A compensation of the missed class has to be immediately scheduled as well. The breach of this term will result in

8- The tutor has to send a notice at least 10 days prior to leaving a particular ongoing tuition service, emailed to info@online-tuitions.com. The breach of this term will result in a penalty of 20% of the tutor’s earnings along with a drop in rating points of the tutor.

Payment Withdrawal
1- The tutor can only allow for withdrawal of their collected earnings if either
(a) at least 8 classes have been taught; or
(b) they have earned an amount equivalent or greater than PKR 10,000.

2- The fee dispatchment will only be made during two windows each month, i.e. Window A (6th day of the month till 10th day of the month) and Window B (21st day of the month to 25th day of the month).

2a- For local bank transfers, a flat amount of PKR 100 will be deducted as withdrawal charges for every transaction.

2b- For payments via Easy Paisa, service charges will be deducted as per easy paisa policy for withdrawal charges for each transaction.

Tutor Rating
1- A drop in rating points indicate poor feedback from a student.

2- An increase in rating points indicate good feedback and/or increased number of hours taught.

3- A substantial increase in rating points leads to a promotion in Tutor Category Level, where the category levels range between ‘A’ and ‘E’, with ‘E’ being the lowest and ‘A’ being the highest.

Failing to meet any of these terms and conditions might result in deduction of payment, closure and suspension of tutor’s financial and tutor account and/or legal charges.

Online Tuitions reserve to change any of these terms and conditions without any prior notice.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with our consultant.

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